The town and commune Dębno is situated in the south of Zachodniopomorskie Province and belongs to the Myślibórz County. The town lies at the Kosa River, a tributary of the Myśla River, 112 km south of Szczecin and 44 km north-west of Gorzów Wielkopolski.

The oldest traces of living in this region date back to 6-3 thousand B.C. The total population of the commune is 21 150 inhabitants, out of which 14 195 live in the town itself. The commune comprises the area of 31878 ha, almost half of which are woods. Dębno gained its civic rights in 1952. The heritage of the past and beautiful landscapes with picturesquely situated lakes constitute the attraction of the town and commune.

Dębno is a gate to the West, opening the way not only to Germany (17 km to the border). Transit routes cross Dębno. Communication with the town is facilitated by two neighbouring border cross points: one for road and railway traffic in Kostrzyn n/Odra and one for road traffic in Osinów Dolny.

The commune Dębno has a number of natural resources: oil and gas pools, one of the biggest in Poland, and wood. Apart from this, the wealth of the commune are beautiful forests, rich in undergrowth and animals, and lakes.


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